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Körfez Döküm

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Körfez Döküm

Körfez Döküm San. Tic. A.S. has been founded in 1988 in Kocaeli/Turkey. Our company grew constantly and moved to its existing place in the same area in 1996.

Körfez Döküm mainly operates in the field of alloyed steel castings, with a focus of heat resistant, wear and impact resistant steel castings for Cement and Mining Industries. We deliver our products according to customer drawings and specifications with the additional operations as machining, surface treating and assembling. The unit weights of our products vary between 0,5 to 8.000 kgs .

We mainly work with the following alloys:

        Plain Carbon steels,

        Low, medium and high alloy steels, 

        High Chromium/ High Nickel heat resistant steels,

        High Chromium and Ni-Hard type abrasive resistant steels,

        High Manganese impact resistant steel,

        High alloy cast iron grades,

       Bi-Metallic Castings

Around 70% of our products are exported to 46 countries in 5 continents.